Community Health Training Solutions offerrs many trainings and workshops for schools, from CPR classes, First Aid classes and an exciting Teen program called Project REACT!
Project R.E.A.C.T

Project REACT is a program developed by CHTS, dedicated to enhancing the lives of teenagers by providing much needed health and social education. We encourage all teens to make positive choices, show positive qualities, accept responsibility for their actions and to be prepared for the realities of life.

Community involvement is also encouraged during the program. In the first session, various community projects are discussed and decided upon by the group. Throughout the course of the program updates are discussed regarding the progress of the community project and help, guidance and support are given when needed.

This program will provide the participants with valuable life skills that the participants can apply as they encounter various situations that need to be immediately addressed in the community.

Responsible Emergency Action for Concerned Teens takes a modular approach to providing much needed health and social education to young adults between the ages of 13 and 19.

The course is offered in a very relaxed, non-threatening, stress-free environment that encourages active student participation.

The course outline below shows the various modules that are included in Project R.E.A.C.T., however the course may be modified to meet the needs of the agency providing the training.

R.E.A.C.T. Introductory Session (Community Project Discussion)

1. Adult/Child/Infant CPR

2. AED

3. Basic First Aid (Including Infection Control training)

4. Bullying

5. STD'S

6. Changing Paradigms

7. Communication Skills

8. Stress Management

9. Nutrition & Health Trends

10. Healthy Kitchens

11. Diversity - GLBT Issues

12. Group Discussion / Community Project Wrap-up

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