Basic Information on Glove Use:
· Gloves are not a substitute for Handwashing
· Gloves should be thrown away after each use
· Hands must be washed after removing gloves each and every time
· Latex gloves are prohibited by Massachusetts licensing due to the increase in Latex allergies
· Gloves must be provided by your employer
· Gloves should fit well, the employer must provide gloves that fit you
Types of Gloves:
· Medical Use Gloves
o When you are performing first aid or handling or cleaning body fluids you must use medical grade or exam grade gloves. All purpose gloves or food service gloves due not meet criteria for Standard Precautions / Bloodborne Pathogens

o Should be used when changing diapers when a child has diarrhea, an infection that can be spread through the stool or if the child has any open areas on the skin.

o Must be worn by staff if they have any open areas, cuts, cracked skin, sores

o Although gloves are not required for diaper changing they must be used in the circumstances prescribed above and your employer must have them available for use in any situation that an employee chooses to use them (ie: changing any diaper)

· Food Handling Gloves
o Gloves for use during handling and preparation of food
o Not appropriate for use during the performance of personal care such as First Aid or changing diapers or cleaning and disinfecting

· Utility Gloves
o These are the typically yellow heavier rubber gloves

o These are used for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, diapering areas or any areas contaminated with stools, vomit, or urine

o The gloves themselves must be cleaned and disinfected after each use


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