Diversity Sensitivity Training

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�UnderstandingThe Transgendered Preschooler!�

This workshop was designed to provide participants with a greater understanding of what it means to be transgendered in this country. Regardless of how different transgendered individuals may seem to you, or how difficult they are for you to understand, they still deserve to be treated in the same way and with the same respect that you yourself would expect. To do otherwise is to intentionally show disrespect to transgendered people, and that is called transphobia, which hurts as much as racism, sexism or homophobia. Transgendered people are still members of the community in which you are a part of and therefore citizens deserving of your respect. Many individuals find this difficult to do without fully understanding what it means to be transgendered and the biological causes for it. Please keep in mind for the trans person, it is not a choice!
The participants will learn first hand of the discrimination that TG individuals still encounter on a daily basis with regards to housing, medical attention, hate crimes and employment just to name a few. The workshop will promote a friendly, warm, non-threatening environment that will encourage individuals to feel comfortable
asking the presenter any questions that they wish.
Students will learn everything from the preferred way to address someone who is TG, to looking at the many barriers that exist for this often misunderstood population. The world of the transgendered person will be revealed to participants in a unique way which will offer an inside look at the physical and emotional turmoil that exists for this very discriminated against population. A major learning objective of this workshop is to have participants walk away with a significant �paradigm shift� with regards to their perception of all individuals and to welcome the diversity that life has to offer!
This intense interactive workshop is for anyone who wishes to contribute to an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity for individuals regardless of their gender orientation.
You will have a deeper understanding as to why many Trans individuals are out in the community dressed in clothing different from their anatomical sex; again it is not a matter of choice, rather a requirement from the medical community! An in depth look at the Standards of Care will be discussed and how it applies to your interaction with the trans man or woman. Our knowledgeable and diverse staff of consultants (nurses and medics) will bring you into the world of the Transsexual through this enlightening and informative workshop!
�It is our belief, that one day through education and an increased awareness of our diversity, we can all co-exist in a friendly, more tolerant world. A world where ignorance can be replaced with understanding and hate can be replaced with love and compassion�.
Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to explore the possibility of conducting this workshop at your location. I am confident that all participants will benefit greatly from this very specialized diversity training. I can be reached at: chtsjohn@yahoo.com

We are presenters with: The National Transgender Speakers Bureau
Speak-Out Boston
Lecturer at Mass College of Liberal Arts

We have presented this workshops for a wide range of  audiences to include but not limited to: Fire Depts, Police Depts, Municipalities, Corporations, Universities, High Schools, Preschools, EMS Depts, Human Resource Depts, Hospitals, Nurses and many more!