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Performance - Not Promises

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Are in need of professional Early Childcare  Health Consultation Services? We have over 20 years in providing quality services, trainings and workshops to preschools throughout  Massachusetts!  

Please call for information on some of our newest trainings!! Some of our offerings include the following:

***Motivation - What Is It and How Can We Get It! 

***Combating Obesity Thru Nutrition and Movement!

*** Stress and Balancing Work & Family!

*** Effective Management Techniques For Director's/ Lead Teachers 

***Diversity - Understanding The Transgendered Preschool Child

*** Itchy's and Scatchy's  - Everything you always wanted to know about  RASHES!

*** MACC Training  This is the Medication Administration Curriculum that CHTS co-authored for the EEC!

* Call us about our exciting new   After School Programs!*

Having A Training Day for your Staff?
Contact us and book one or more of our Workshops!